Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Small Life - Trailer Edition

 OK, so a 30' trailer isn't exactly small.  We moved up from a 19 footer.  But this is our small solution to a big desire -- our camp on the lake.  We drove out today to open camp.  TBG is still feeling horrid and there was no point in him suffering through this but he has a plan that involves kicking me and the pup out of the house next weekend, so this is where we will have to go.  I had planned to take off Friday but my boss is on vacation.  He said I could bring the dog to the office.  Now that will be interesting...

 This is the interior with our one slide pulled in.  Everything got packed away in the fall because we had to have the thing hauled to the dealer to get a new roof.
Winterization and all the work done on the roof left a bit of mess.  Schmutz like this is everywhere.  I will have my work cut out for me next weekend!

We have decided to suck it up and pay off the entire loan for the trailer this month.  We took out the loan three years ago and the best rate for an RV was 8.5% for a ten year term.  That's absurd to be paying these days.  Since I finished my car loan and our monthly expenses are smaller in the new house, we should be able to build our savings back up within a couple of years.

We plan to own this unit for a good ten years if possible. The goal is to not buy another until we are ready to retire and we want to pay for the next one with cash.  Camp is our one big splurge but it is our only real extravagance.  It would be better if gas prices were lower...  But we get a lake-front get-away without the hassle, responsibility and hefty price-tag of an actual cottage.  Living in a trailer part time was one of the things that helped us decide to move to a smaller house.  The trailer has been good for us.  It's been a small way to get something big!


  1. It is probably good to have a home you can take off in if for no other reason than to avoid some natural disaster like a hurricane or something similar. It would be nice to get away to the lake for a spell. About all we have is a tent but who would take care of the animals while we are gone. Oh well.

  2. When we retired in 2001 we wanted to travel around the country (and get out of CA!!), so we sold everything we had and bought a 40' trailer with 3 slide-outs. It was like a small apartment!! We were all over the country and after 3 1/2 years of being "bums" we bought another house and settled down (first in TX and now in PA). We enjoyed our traveling days but we're so glad we got rid of it and the truck when we did before diesel prices went up. I would love to have a small trailer like yours by a local lake for weekends....something to think about :)