Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Office Gifts

I stumbled upon the perfect holiday gift for my office-mates.  The department I am working in now is comprised of around 16 people.  Men, women, young, middle aged -- and me (old).  Perusing the Dollar Tree today, looking for liquid soap, I saw a bin of these Shugar Soapworks bars in Oatmeal & Cranberry.  Alas, I didn't find a liquid soap I liked.

This is a brand of soap that I love.  These all-natural large bars are worth more than the dollar a piece they're selling for at DT.  Our office is full of pastries and snacks provided by vendors, clients and the company itself.  I figure these soaps will be gender-agnostic, low-calorie and holiday-appropriate.

Upon finding the small bin, I cleared out the entire supply and figure I am set for office gifts.  If anyone out there is looking for an economical holiday item -- perfect for stocking stuffers, gift baskets, etc.  Check your local Dollar Tree to see if they have any of these in stock.  There may be other scents as well that would work for the holiday, such as vanilla, cinnamon or even almond.  Just don't try the store I went to for the oatmeal and cranberry -- they're all out!


  1. We are currently using one of the cranberry soaps in the 1/2 bath off of the kitchen. Love the price! A great gift.

    1. I am glad to hear you like it! I have a vanilla variety in the shower and love it. They make nice soap and for a buck, you can't beat it!

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you see some in a Dollar Tree near you!