Sunday, April 30, 2017

Camp Updates

I courageously set out for camp myself while TBG stayed home with the puppy.  We appreciate all the kindness and support she is being shown.  This has been traumatic but the prayers and wishes have helped!  Thanks to the hard work of the boys last weekend, I could tackle a few organizational tasks this weekend. It was sort of helpful to be by myself and have more room to work.  I called home a few times but wasn't neurotic!

This small set of drawers started out life in our small outdated bathroom.  It then did time in my  bedroom holding socks and pantyhose.  The new nightstand had enough drawers for me to eliminate it so it came to camp and is extra storage.  I can put devices in the top bin and let them charge.  I figure keeping devices there when they are not in use will eliminate the possibility of forgetting one.  Before we leave, we'll just pull them all out of there.  I am thinking I'll also stash a box of tissues and maybe a few other things we might need at night.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back Where She Belongs

My sweet baby girl is home!  Her surgery was yesterday morning and it went well.  They put her tibia in the new position but also had to remove her meniscus.  That is apparently pretty common.  Hers was so bad that it all ended up in the garbage can.  I thought it was damaged because I would hear her joint pop.  Like I hear mine!  I hope I get to keep mine...

I took the day off which was a bit of a waste since she wasn't discharged until 3PM and I normally work until 4. While I could have chosen to work from home, that is hard for me.  My dining room table is not ergonomic, which means I am sore typing and looking at my small laptop screen.  So, I prepared for my weekend alone at camp.  I think baby girl will be fine with daddy -- although I couldn't handle her on my own because she needs to be assisted with a sling under her belly.

She can walk a little but the orders are for her to rest.  Peeing in the yard for the first time was hard for her -- she did not want to bend the knee.  But she did it.  We have her on pain meds, a tranq, and antibiotics.  Of course this dog will never refuse food and has been eating fine.  She whimpered when I was in the kitchen cooking without her and she didn't like not sitting with us while we ate dinner.   Her confinement isn't as bad as it could be as we are not crating her -- she has her own futon which is blocked in on all four sides.  

I hope we do everything right for the next 12 weeks. If we can keep her lean and be careful, the arthritis due to the missing meniscus hopefully won't get bad.  It will be wonderful if her ligament stays intact on the other leg.  Going through this again does not appeal to me in the least!

Everyone at the vet's office raved about how sweet she was.  Our vet was in late in the evening to check on her too.  They told me she was very cooperative and well-behaved but they could tell she wanted to be home.  We had to be careful when I went in to get her because she got so worked up. Now we are aiming to keep her as calm as we can.  If only the next twelve weeks could take place in warp speed -- calm is not her forte!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring is Springing

Spring bulbs are coming up in our garden.  The beds are a mess but other than scraping out leaves, I try not to thinking about weeding or really making the plantings look nice.  There have been too many years I pulled out something that I shouldn't have, thinking it was a weed.  Our yard is bunny central these days.  Since there is nothing they can damage, it doesn't bother me because I think they are cute.  We have a small rabbit escape hole so they have a way to exit if Teddy takes notices.  Teddy loves bunnies, but I don't think she'd actually touch one.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Teddy Update

Thank you to everyone who was thinking of  my girl!  Rather than respond to the comments, I'm just putting up this post instead because the whole thing was a no-go!

We got her to the vet on time, starving her in the morning as instructed.  TBG went into work late so they could go for a nice walk.  He got her to office and met with our regular vet who assured us we are doing the best thing.  To Linda, yes, we are doing a TPLO.  For those who don't know what that is, it is a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy.  She tore her ACL (in dogs that call it the CCL -- Canine Cruciate Ligament).  The result is that one of her leg bones (the tibia) is not being held in the right position and her femur hits it at the wrong angle.  A TPLO is a fix where they saw off the top of the tibia and then bolt it back on with plates and screws so that it is at the appropriate angle.  It sounds barbaric but the beauty of it is that rather than repairing tissue/ligament which would grow back with scar tissue and be prone to tearing again, the fix puts bone to bone -- which heals by creating more bone.

Tommy said his hands were shaking as he signed the consent form because it mentions life saving measures if there is a complication.  But both he and Teddy got through that and he went back to work.  They called him an hour and half later saying the surgeon never showed up.  So even if she was to make it in after that, the OR was booked and they also wouldn't have time for other stuff they needed to do.  So, she was back home by 10:30 with two bandages on her forearm where they started the IV.  There was a message for us later in the day that we are on for next week on Wednesday at the same time.

To say that we are bummed is an under statement.  We wanted to be one week in to recovery by the time she's going back.  Plus, the pre-surgical jitters were enough once.  On top of that, I'm going to have to rearrange my day off again.  I don't have a schedule that is easy to shuffle around once meetings are set.  I coordinate a lot of stuff between 12 accounts and when I get people lined up for meetings, it's hard to move things around when there is a sudden conflict.

The emotional impact on Teddy is marginal.  I guess it gave her another opportunity to go to the vet without the world ending.  She wasn't happy going back for her pre-op bloodwork but this time she trotted into the office just fine.  We are leaving the big mattress out for her so she will be used to that by next week.

I just wish we could have had it go according to schedule. It would nice for this to all be over with.  Thanks to all who thought of us!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Getting Teddy Ready

Teddy's surgery is tomorrow.  TBG is bringing her in at 8AM.  She will stay over night.  After that, she will be living the restricted life for 12 weeks, the first six to eight being the worst.  At first, she will be in The Cone of Shame.  After that, I hope the Doughnut of Sadness will do.  Stairs are off limits for the full 12 weeks so we have set up a futon between the dining and living rooms.  We will barricade her in with chairs, ottomans and other obstructive pieces.  Here she is on the futon getting used to it.

We've had mild weather so she's been swimming since the weekend, but she won't be allowed back in the water for another ten weeks -- and at that point, only on leash or in a very controlled way.  I have read up on the post-operative care and PT regimen we will have to follow and I can say that I am not looking forward to it.

I have to work tomorrow because I have obligatory training all afternoon.  Then I took off Thursday.  As bad luck would have it, I broke a tooth this evening so I'll have to deal with that while this is going on.

Please keep my old girl in your thoughts, prayers and whatever it is you do to send out good vibes.  I know we are doing the right thing, but a mom worries whether her baby has two legs or four! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Peace Be With You!

Regardless of religion, I hope everyone had a reason to celebrate today.  I am secular, but I love candy.  Optimism is also big on my list.  So even though the day has no meaning to me religiously, for those whom it does, it is a day of joy, hope and the positive message that we can all experience a rebirth after a troubling time.

I get ridiculed, pitied, lectured, etc. for not being religious and it bugs me.  No amount of debate or chastisement is going to change my mind and I wish people would leave me alone.  However, that doesn't stop me from appreciating the positive aspects of faith. I don't need to be Christian to appreciate the concept of any sort of resurrection that involves love.  Nor do I need to be Jewish to appreciate the courage it takes to escape oppression.

So regardless of what you do or don't practice, I hope you had a joyful day and the good will of this day carries on throughout the year.

Be kind everyone!  And don't forget to brush and floss...

Monday, April 10, 2017

I Think I Won!

Today was what should be the last hearing of my Workers Comp claim.  The legal end of this perplexes me but from what I could understand today, I think I won.  The defense rested solely on the assertion that I am a liar and there for nothing I say can be trusted.  The medical evidence, however, indicated otherwise.  When it is all said and done, a claim the comp carrier could have paid for about one thousand dollars probably cost them three times that to fight.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

55 Going on 15...

Does this look like the bedside table belonging to a 55 year old woman?  Well, it ought to because it's mine!  My birthday was last week on Tuesday.  There was a present waiting for me in the kitchen from Teddy -- a yellow dog solar light.  TBG told me I'd have to wait until the 5th for his present for me to be delivered.  At first I was worried, because he came home with a new Viper toilet for the basement.  Turns out he secretly brought in two nightstands before I got home!