Sunday, April 30, 2017

Camp Updates

I courageously set out for camp myself while TBG stayed home with the puppy.  We appreciate all the kindness and support she is being shown.  This has been traumatic but the prayers and wishes have helped!  Thanks to the hard work of the boys last weekend, I could tackle a few organizational tasks this weekend. It was sort of helpful to be by myself and have more room to work.  I called home a few times but wasn't neurotic!

This small set of drawers started out life in our small outdated bathroom.  It then did time in my  bedroom holding socks and pantyhose.  The new nightstand had enough drawers for me to eliminate it so it came to camp and is extra storage.  I can put devices in the top bin and let them charge.  I figure keeping devices there when they are not in use will eliminate the possibility of forgetting one.  Before we leave, we'll just pull them all out of there.  I am thinking I'll also stash a box of tissues and maybe a few other things we might need at night.

TBG bought this futon at Big Lots and the boys put it together.  They also took down all the metal blinds in the main cabin.  Unfortunately, the futon is a few inches bigger than I thought and can't fold down, but I'm going to see if moving it over a little more will help, or if taking off the arm rest of the jack-knife sofa will work.  It blocks the window a bit but that is OK, because is way more comfortable than the two ugly chairs that came with the trailer.  I can also store the bedding for the couch under it. Although that might not look pretty or "styled," it is functional.  A funky bo-ho style sleeping bag from Tuesday Morning will serve as a pillow when we're lounging and bedding if we have a guest.  The bamboo blinds in back of it look a lot better than the old RV valence and blinds and I think make a nice combination.

The new cushion covers are on and I will next deal with the table cloth.  I want to move the toaster oven over near the stove but will need to drill a hole in the cabinet over it so I can get the plug to the outlet that the microwave is plugged into.  In RVs, they mount the microwave above the stove and plug it into an outlet mounted in the cabinet next to it.

We put vinyl roller shades on the windows and I'm going to adapt some existing window treatments I made a few years ago.  One of the things the boys did last week was mount the unit on cinder blocks because the jacks broke.  Well, it was super windy last night and I hardly noticed.  There was no drastic sway and I didn't have to listen to the racket the metal blinds used to make any time the trailer moved.  The near constant rain was a bummer but I had work to do, and I got to test lounging on the new futon.  Friends were in for the weekend in their fifth wheel and we had a nice visit.

The town our camp is in is getting seriously flooded because legislation was put in place that allowed Canada to raise the water level of Lake Ontario.   That, coupled with lots of spring rain, has caused a dangerous rise in the water level.  Docks are practically submerged, houses and businesses are sand-bagged, pumps are working around the clock.  It is expected to keep rising up until June, likely another 18 inches.  That will be devastating to a resort community in which many business only have the four summer months to make money.  Boats need to be docked in order to get in the water.  It will impact us because if the sewage/water treatment plant floods, water will be shut off.  We will fill our reserve tank to use for flushing and hope to still be able to use the trailer, but we might be out of luck.

Since we can't bring the dog up for 12 weeks, if there was one year we missed a bit of time, this one would be the best for it.  However, we are alarmed and feel horrible for the residents of Sodus Point because many of them are in danger of serious property damage and others might lose their businesses.  I guess sometimes it's true -- when it rains, it pours!


  1. There is only me, but keeping devices and their accessories together is a major problem.

    1. It's especially tough when you are stranded because you left your charger somewhere else!

  2. Hi, I have a totally irrelevant question. Once you had mentioned that you were using some kind of a regimen to avoid fungal infection when using the pool. Would you mind sharing that info?

    1. I do a couple of things. First, I wash everything after I get out of the pool and dry it immediately. That means I line the inside of my bathing cap with dry paper towels and role it up in another layer of paper towels. The big thing are feet. I wash my flip-flops and then put them under the air dryer. Then after that, I use the anti-fungal lotion from the gym dispensers. I also like to have a spray bottle that is half (store brand) Sea Breeze and water, which I spray between my toes. I wash and dry them first. The locker room hand/fungal sanitzer will do in a pinch. The main thing is to get that between your toes before you put your socks on.

      Once I am at home, I moisturize my feet because the spray can dry them out.

      Pretty involved, but if you've had athletes foot once, you never want it again!