Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back Where She Belongs

My sweet baby girl is home!  Her surgery was yesterday morning and it went well.  They put her tibia in the new position but also had to remove her meniscus.  That is apparently pretty common.  Hers was so bad that it all ended up in the garbage can.  I thought it was damaged because I would hear her joint pop.  Like I hear mine!  I hope I get to keep mine...

I took the day off which was a bit of a waste since she wasn't discharged until 3PM and I normally work until 4. While I could have chosen to work from home, that is hard for me.  My dining room table is not ergonomic, which means I am sore typing and looking at my small laptop screen.  So, I prepared for my weekend alone at camp.  I think baby girl will be fine with daddy -- although I couldn't handle her on my own because she needs to be assisted with a sling under her belly.

She can walk a little but the orders are for her to rest.  Peeing in the yard for the first time was hard for her -- she did not want to bend the knee.  But she did it.  We have her on pain meds, a tranq, and antibiotics.  Of course this dog will never refuse food and has been eating fine.  She whimpered when I was in the kitchen cooking without her and she didn't like not sitting with us while we ate dinner.   Her confinement isn't as bad as it could be as we are not crating her -- she has her own futon which is blocked in on all four sides.  

I hope we do everything right for the next 12 weeks. If we can keep her lean and be careful, the arthritis due to the missing meniscus hopefully won't get bad.  It will be wonderful if her ligament stays intact on the other leg.  Going through this again does not appeal to me in the least!

Everyone at the vet's office raved about how sweet she was.  Our vet was in late in the evening to check on her too.  They told me she was very cooperative and well-behaved but they could tell she wanted to be home.  We had to be careful when I went in to get her because she got so worked up. Now we are aiming to keep her as calm as we can.  If only the next twelve weeks could take place in warp speed -- calm is not her forte!


  1. Hope she heals fast! Beautiful Teddy!

  2. Poor darling. I wants to hug her tight and kiss her nose.

  3. Sweet baby. Better days are ahead. I know she'll feel a lot better once the cone of courage is removed. Honestly, I think that's the worst part of pet surgeries.

  4. Oh, poor Teddy. I'm so glad the surgery went well. Here's to a speedy and uneventful recovery. Kisses and hugs for your sweet girl.

  5. Alex, give Teddy a hug for me. Our "Cali" a yellow lab had this surgery in December, so you WILL get there but it is quite a pain to do the walks several times a day increasing slowly as prescribed and keeping them calm. They are so used to being able to do any running or jumping but those days are long gone in our household. It is hard as we have three other dogs who "stir things up"! Best Wishes but "this too shall pass"!

  6. Oh Teddy!! Sweet baby girl!! Well wishes for speedy Meniscus no more damage for your healing my sweet baby! ♥