Saturday, August 27, 2016

Old/New, High/Low

 I love the versatility of the new plain white bone china we are using for our everyday tabletop.  The plate to the left is Mikasa "Solitude" which we registered for approximately 30 years ago.  I picked it because I thought it had a timeless look.  Yes, it does look a little bit "80's and the pattern is now discontinued, but there are still new patterns like it designed today.  It isn't too fussy but it does look "fancy." You can't easily tell the difference between old and new here.

The classic style of the white plate means it could have been purchased the same year this white Fireking mini-casserole was made.  This is a second hand "vintage" piece that came from a thrift.  These pieces are commonly seen with a peach color so I was thrilled to find the white version and knew it would be a great fit for my tabletop.  Fireking goes from oven to table and I can envision baking delicious small culinary delights, served as a first course with my lovely basic pieces.

This is one of my favorite examples of my "Old/New" plan.  The shallow bowl is classic 1950's.  Designed by Raymond Lowey, six bowls and a serving platter a wedding gift to my parents.  Mr. Lowey was sort of the Michael Graves of his time.  He designed the Coke bottle, the logo for Airforce1 and was one of the most prominent and sought after designers of his day, who also designed tableware. The man considered the father of Industrial Design, created one of my all time favorite China patterns. Ain't I one of the intelligentsia?

This pairing is one of the main reasons I settled on basic white for my daily dishware.  The fine china set did not have bowls.  A place setting consisted of dinner and dessert plates plus a cup and saucer.  These white bowls will also work great as small serving dishes.

One of my goals is to have nice things.  I want function, flexibility and economy too.  By economy, I don't necessarily mean $$, I also mean that things need to either be small or serve multiple purposes.  With a limited amount of storage space, I am very happy to have a touch of luxury for every day that easily crosses over to more formal circumstances.  My plain white every day bone china fits that  bill nicely.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I had Mikasa china in my early years of marriage too. I love the look. Mixing your whites is a great idea.