Saturday, August 13, 2016

Taking Off Again

Changing course can be a scary thing.  Conventional wisdom and human nature favor risk avoidance.  But at what point is risk avoidance an obstacle rather than a strategy?  It's an obstacle when it is an impediment to growth.  Being willing to toss out and move forward, common sense be damned, can be tough if you're a comfort junky.  I like to be safe and comfortable but am too ambitious to live my life that way in the long run.

The old LTSL blog had a lot of good memories for me -- and I value everyone who has come over to welcome me back.  The old posts and comments weren't lost. They were intentionally deleted.  Since moving forward with new images meant getting rid of old pictures, the old posts would have been missing visual references.  That meant deleting the images, the posts and the comments.  Reading old comments made me realize that good communities evolve around this medium.  That was the reason I decided to return to blogging rather than just working on a professional website.

Clearing out the old took some time and it made the break from old to new final, however, there was no real tangible value in the old material and I have faith that I will build something just as useful going forward.  Leaving things or getting rid of them all together is a scary prospect for some, however I see it as a "safe" way to take a risk.  It's a way to commit to moving forward.

Being the forward thinking girl that I am, I'm looking forward to moving forward.  In this effort, I'm also trying to free myself of some of the old attitudes that gave me security.  Don't be surprised if some of the things I post about seem contradictory to beliefs I held in the past.  Time off has given me a new perspective -- and it's good to be back!


  1. Hi Alex--
    I completely get what you're saying. Here you are starting over-- deliberately hitting the self destruct button on the old blog and restarting with fresh perspective.
    Here I am... The first day of my NON- blogging life after eight years of blogging! I wrote my final post yesterday evening!
    I'm still planning to read many of the blogs that I've followed- am particularly interested in your blog.
    I've had a change in my own thinking since I turned 50 a year and a half ago-- beginning with saying "yes" to things that were outside my comfort zone.
    I'm looking forward to more changes and a continued movement in the forward direction-- with the exception, blogging. Like you, I may return to it but it will be on different terms and not Corn in my coffee-pot!
    Again! Welcome back ,
    Can't wait to read more!

    1. Blogging day in and day out is hard and it is good to take a step back. I don't have as much time to follow blogs as I'd like so I'm planning to post a little less frequently this time around. Enjoy your non-blogging time!

  2. Lovely to see you back-I enjoyed your other block and look forward to following this one. Catriona in Scotland

  3. So glad to find you again! We have an interesting history, I have "lost" your blog twice now, finally found it again last night. I just enjoy reading your view of life, work, cooking, etc. I kept wondering what was up with you, so I made it a priority to find your blog again.

  4. Welcome back my friend! I hear you about mental changes, priorities, goals and most of all, fits and needs! I've missed you! ♥ I barely have time to blog anymore either, and if my readers can handle it, fine...
    If not then "Delish" is always very popular! LOL
    Can't wait to read what you have been up to. Off to get a glass of wine!