Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother of a...

A happy Mother's day to all matriarchs.  This dog-mom spent the weekend away from her puppy but was heartened to get an eager greeting upon her return.  Teddy is doing very well, we are working on getting her to keep her repaired leg straight under her body and doing work to build up her strength.  She is not aware that she is in recovery at all.  Lucky for her, mommy found large trays of chicken necks at the store in Sodus -- something we can't find in our city supermarkets in Buffalo.  I am a good mother after all!

I caught this family of geese at the side of the road when I pulled over to take pictures of the flooding at Sodus Point.  They scampered into the marsh before I could get a good shot, but if you look close there are three baby goslings.   It may be that the flooding is making it harder for them to feed because the tall grass normally on the lake and bay banks is now submerged.  The marsh is a much better bet than the bay where they normally feed.

Flooding is so bad the village may have to evacuate.  This house is where the cousin of one of my previous camp neighbors rents.  I've been to a fourth of July party here.  Now the porch/deck is under water. The first floor is sandbagged.  Banks at the bay-side where we swim Teddy on rough water days are gone.  The water is washing up on to the road.  Side streets are flooded, water from the lake that washes up or fills into basement crawl spaces has to be pumped out of houses and is everywhere.

I've left word with our camp manager that if she knows someone who has to leave their home, they can stay in our trailer.  We don't have to go up on weekends at this point. It's nice, but it's an extra.  I don't know if anyone will need to use it but it seems a waste for it to sit empty while people nearby are ordered to leave their homes.  It will happen -- if not this week, then next.

It probably seems weird to post about Mother's Day and flooding at the same time, but this is how I spent my day -- driving around to see how much trouble we're in now and to worry about what will happen once the next predicted foot of water accumulates.

This is a mother of a problem!

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  1. So nice of you to offer your trailer to someone who may need it. And I'm very happy that Teddy is doing so well.