Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Playing Favorites

Today is TBGs birthday.  Gifting him should be a challenge since I am in a tough spot from a time perspective.  I am back at work but once I get home, I need to rest, ice, do PT and am generally just wrung out.  Luckily, he is low maintenance and just hitting him with his favorites works out just fine.  He's one of those "I don't want anything" sort of people who is still easy to shop for because he likes what he likes.

I was able to hit the important buttons by buying him a premium bottle of scotch, his favorite cake from Wegmans (Ultimate Vanilla), a box of his favorite cereal, a jar of Ovaltine, and a few super-hero pieces.

These are things we could buy any time we want, but they are either too extravagant (Lagavulin scotch is what I reserve for gifting occasions), Capn' Crunch is cereal crack and we are packing on too many extra pounds to buy a specialty cake on a regular basis.  The Ovaltine is somewhat sensible (cyclists swear by it), but we still never buy it because it's a sweetened product.

Best of all, I get to enjoy some of this birthday cache -- I can't wait for a bowl of junky cereal!


  1. Replies
    1. I'll give him a wet sloppy kiss from you!

  2. I love how you hit the things he loves. For my friend who comes up once a week, I can cook food for his freezer and he is ecstatic. Making cornbread and freezing it in slices is one of his loves. So, a huge bag of frozen foods I have cooked is a good way to please him. I can do this all over time so that I am not cooking in a snit to get it all ready. I will buy some grapes and cut up a cantaloupe at the last moment for him to take home, too.

    Happy Birthday to TBG!

    1. Thank you PP. And we all know the way to a guys heart is through the stomach!