Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back in Time

 I feel as if we have stepped back in time.  This tombstone was one I captured in July -- long before our nation became embroiled in the current political and social woes my country is now facing.  This soldier from Wayne County, NY died at the Battle of Charleston in 1864.  He was 25 years and ten months of age.

Lately, I've found myself drawn into political conversations I don't want to be a part of.  I don't want to argue or belabor over my opinions -- which I won't change.  I believe that symbols of oppression that were intended to intimidate are wrong.  Even if some people see them as historic or symbols of times past.  Those whom I've tried to avoid conflict with in the past couple of weeks want me to concede environmentalists have gone too far.  I can't debate that, as I am grateful for those who banned DDT -- the pesticide responsible for the near extinction of our National Bird, the Bald Eagle -- the bird I now see regularly, that I was able to get a picture of this morning.  Twenty years ago, there wasn't one to be found on Lake Ontario.  Now I see them regularly.  It is a spectacular sight that never fails to make me feel awe.

As a female in technology, I am shocked that today's women are afraid to meet in a closed room with a male alone.  Our Vice President refuses to do so.  There was a time when I had no female co-workers.  There were many tough situations that I had to face that were discriminatory.  "How does it feel to take bread out of a union baby's mouth."  "How could your husband let you do a man's job."  When I did have other females in my work group, I was asked on one job site "Do the other girls in your group have big ones like you?"

Seeing race issues come back up again, seeing the environment marginalized, seeing woman putting up with crap in the bro-corporate culture makes me sick.  I have been told I should be ashamed to be a feminist.  But I feel I have no choice but to identify as such.  I am a humanist at heart -- and I feel to be one, you must have the human race's best interest at heart.

I have been  bad about posting lately and I usually stay away from talking politics, but there comes a point where there is a need to stand with your beliefs.  I was raised in a Jewish community.  I played sports as a result of Title IX.  I started my career at a time where sexual harassment was a regular part of a woman's work experience.  Over the years, I've been proud of my accomplishments -- and that I could make progress without harming others.  Lately I feel like I am in a time warp and that the ground gained has somehow been lost when I've not been paying attention.

I know I have mostly female readers.  Do you feel the way I do?


  1. I feel the same as you. Honesty I can't believe we are revisiting all of these issues. It is disheartening in so many ways

  2. I feel the same. I'm kind of tired of it, frankly. Do men ever grow up?

  3. Female in tech (20 years), & it's been a crazy year. I work in a very liberal company, but . . . it just never feels like you belong. And, I'm very senior. I can only imagine how it feels to be a more junior woman.

    I've tried to avoid all manner of political conversations lately, because it's such a frustrating energy drain. Instead, sheetcaking. ;-)

  4. I detest politics and politicians, but I do have an opinion on things, and if neccessary I'll honestly voice it.

    I've noticed that americans are extremely 'politically correct', and that, to my mind, is not very healthy.
    Now everything hidden for years under the rug seems to have surfaced. Maybe that's not too bad. The nation is divided, so people should have a chance to seek healing for it.

  5. Food for thought. Thanks for putting it out there...we seem to be losing ground more and more...wonder if it's the same for 20-somethings, who have never known the difference.

  6. Compared to me, you are a joyful optimist. I've heard people say that we shouldn't despair, because this is all just some sort of last gasp from the conservative right - a death rattle of bigotry, hatred and corruption. I would love to believe that's true, but I can't help but wonder if it isn't the beginning of the end for all of us. (Just, you know, to add a ray of sunshine to the discussion - she says without the slightest hint of sarcasm.)

  7. Hell yeah. Unfortunately, the current President has brought out the worst in people who support him who think it is ok to be sexist, racist and just all around ignorant. Fortunately it seems that there is a big backlash to that, and people are starting to revolt.

  8. First time commenting but a long time reader. You really struck a chord on this one. I was thinking exactly the same thing. One step forward and some days it feels like 10 backwards.

  9. I am so frustrated by EVERYTHING! When I started to list my frustrations there were just too, too many so I will just say I agree with you.