Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting Out

Now this is my idea of getting out.  If only I could soar a hundred feet above Lake Ontario like this vulture. It was neat to get the picture, though.  The weather wasn't great -- and sometimes we see more bird activity as a result.  The span of this predator's wings are as wide as I am tall.  Ugly though he or she may be, the essential function of keeping the earth clear of carrion (dead things) makes them pretty important ecologically.

Our national bird, the bald eagle, is less prevalent than the turkey vulture.  They are much more inspiring to watch.  I was too late to catch this one flying by but did spot it perched on the tree jutting out on the South side of Maxwell Bay's cove.  There was a huge dead branch that fell during the winter that was the favorite perch.  It is not uncommon for us to spy an eagle in the bald spot on one of the remaining branches.

We like to get out and witness nature, but like vultures, we like to hang out with our friends.  This weekend we met a couple who came from East of Scarborough, Ontario.   They were 45 miles from home directly across the lake, but a five and a half hour drive over land.

It is nice to be able to disconnect from The Real World and get a different perspective, meet new people, relax, eat and drink well.


  1. What is that body of water? I am grateful something cleans up our earth.

    1. It is Lake Ontario. It might as well be the ocean -- we can't see land on the other side!