Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trailer Windows

After having removed the blinds and valances, then installed white roller shades, I wanted to create some sort of valance and also create a way to darken the area further at night.  Many years ago, I had sewn panels to mount over the blinds at night using velcro.  Since they were already the right size, I adapted them by sewing rings on the top and hooking them onto cup hooks mounted underneath the cabinets.  I can roll them up and secure them with ribbons, which can easily be untied at night.  Not gorgeous, but functional.

 I did the same thing over the couch.  Darkness on that side is important as there is a huge light outside that is blinding and is impossible to ignore at night.

 I cut and mounted a dark piece of vinyl over the window in the bedroom area.  A bamboo stake is held over it with cup hooks.  I should have cut this piece a bit longer as some light still shows under the bottom.  The light is so bright, we might as well be parked in a Walmart lot.

A single set of cafe curtains and valance came to the rescue for curtains.  They help the light when they they are closed, but I might still put a black-out fabric backing on them.


There was also a window by the door.  I covered it with a piece of vinyl too.  The curtains are over the door so I can keep it open at night.  They aren't long enough to hit the floor but that doesn't bother me because that lets more air in and that side of the trailer is darker anyway.   No one can see in and it's easy to get in and out of the door when we need to. 

I used the valance from the set over the small window.  Once I straightened it out (sorry the picture is a bit sloppy), it looked fine:

These are rather lazy solutions, but we hated the blinds and wanted them out.  I still have a window over the bed to deal with but will save that for another weekend.


  1. I would do anything to get rid of blinds! Your solutions look fine to me, especially since you spent nothing. Light at night does not bother me because I put a black sock across my eyes if it does. However, there are nights when it must be pitch black.

    1. The shades were not cheap, but they were worth it! I was happy to be able to re-use something I'd previously spent money and time on. That was a big relief. A black sock is a great solution!