Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cover it Up

I love reading Finger Lakes magazine.  We always have a copy or two kicking around camp.  Inside, there are gorgeous pictures of Adirondack style camps.  They are decorated to perfection.  The adds for cabinetry and furniture are drool-worthy.

Our camp reality is our weekend travel-trailer.  It's not very high-end, but we spend most of our time outdoors.  None the less, we wear the crap out of the interior.  When you occupy a small space, every square inch sees traffic.  As a result, I keep many surfaces covered for not only protection, but for easy clean-up.

Our dog isn't the only messy camper.  We both spill things and track all manner of dirt and sand in.  Our dinette is always covered.  There are lots of slip-ons that I've made from thrifted sheets, spare fabric, or covers for couches we used to have at home.  Not everything matches but that's OK.  Right now, we're using a very miss-matched set of cushion covers for the dinette, couch and chairs because the "regular" set is getting washed.  The covers get rotated around every other month and are machine washable.

Our trailer is not very impressive, but we want it to be clean and in good condition.  The best way to do that, is to keep your cushions covered up.  We may not be chic, but our little camp is in good condition!


  1. With a house full of cats who cannot resist the lure of upholstered furniture, slip covers are just a way of life! BTW - elastic mattress straps work great to keep them from sliding all out of position.

    1. I do need to pick up a supply - or make my own. I've got a few old cloth shower curtains that I'm going to sew buttons on to so I can turn them into sleeves for cushions.

      Sometimes I think about a leather couch -- but then we have a whole lot of wet dog. I think I'll stick to slip covers too!

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  3. I loved seeing the glimpse of your camper as well as the great tip! We are finally at the cushion stage of the camper... I made cushion covers out of drop cloths and did a little creative decorating on them. I hope they last a while. Even still... I think slips to go over the tops of all my hard work might be the way to go!
    Cant wait to camp!