Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Out With the Old, In with the New

It was time to sort through our collection of cloth napkins and refresh the stash.  There were styles and colors that represented different phases of our table-top lives and while many were still in good condition, others were quite ratty.  Ready for a change, last week I grabbed 12 cloth napkins found while perusing the clearance shelves at Wegmans.  Wegmans carries a plethora of tabletop accoutrements that are decent quality and designed to be cycled out of merchandise at the end of every season.  Trolling their clearance merchandise is one of my favorite activities.

 The pale yellow and green napkins are new, and the patterned one is an older one.  We tend to gravitate towards yellows, peaches, teals and blues in our dining room so the new napkins fit in well with the older one and that set of four made the cut of those I wanted to keep.  It is nice to have a full set of 16 that completely match.
This is the discard pile.  The blue napkins are going to camp.  We don't have cloth napkins there but want to start.  The white and green discards will be used as scrap cloths for dusting and other clean-up duties. I've hated the green napkins for the nearly 30 years we've owned them because they are completely polyester.  Who knows why I hung on to them for so long.

It was long past time to cycle out the old cloth napkins.  That was just one of those low-priority tasks I hadn't felt like dealing with.  New dishware and fresh napkins, things are really looking up on our tabletop! 


  1. We use cloth napkins also and they do get pretty gross and stained. Yes the green must go, scary.....

    1. One of the mysteries is why it bothers me to throw these things out. I can see the white rags being used to strain and polish, but I should just toss the green ones. Yet I can't throw anything away!