Sunday, September 11, 2016

T-Shirt Tradition

Every year we celebrate the passing of Labor Day by purchasing camp t-shirts. Unlike lake tourists who buy shirts to commemorate their stay, those of us who stay seasonally like to wait until after the traditional end-of summer holiday to buy our duds.  Once the summer hits its traditional end, the local souvenir shop starts marking down.  Most of us regulars don't have an appetite for any of this stuff until it's at least 40 percent off.  

Of all the brand/themes, my favorite are the 40 Knots graphics.  Last year The Big Guy gave me one for our anniversary and the one I bought in blue this year looks very much the same in the front, but the knot graphic in the back is a little different.  While I don't sail, there's a lot of that going on around here -- and I do plan to join the yacht club when we retire and I have time to sail!

We love to watch regattas and the Sodus Bay Yacht Club is one of the oldest sailing clubs on the Great Lakes (and in the country).  The Labor Day races aren't a big deal -- just three courses, two of which we can see from camp.  This is a Lake Yacht Racing Association (LYRA) sanctioned event and is a nice race for novices.  The club hosts major races too and they are quite a site to see.  Even when there isn't a race to watch, it's wonderful to just sit back and look at the boats on the water.

Watching the regattas and buying t-shirts are a tradition -- I'm happy to combine them both!

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