Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fashion Jewelry

My husband is generally appalled by the amount of time I spend watching jewelry shopping channels and even many of those "Real Housewife" shows.  I'm loath to watch television advertising, so any time there is a commercial break, I flip over to JTV, or scan through HSN, QVC and the like.  I'll hit Bravo sometimes too.  I just have a Jewelry Jones.

Earlier in my adult life (and for a brief period in my 40's when I thought a lady my age should be "classic"), I had the attitude that my jewelry had to be "real" (as in precious metals and natural gemstones), but was able to shake that mindset.  I have accepted the fact that while I have tried to be that classic  sort of person, I really am attracted to bling.  So I decided not to fight it and let fashion jewelry into my life.

Some of the pieces I own were my grandmothers, other pieces came from vintage shops and estate sales.  I've branched out and purchase on-line and sometimes in brick and mortar stores.  Some pieces have been gifts.

Now that I work in a casual workplace, I could schlub around, but feel that one aspect of working in a non-conventional atmosphere is that you should feel free to be yourself.  And myself sports bling.

This outfit came together based on my desire to wear the funky necklace.  Once I decided on that, it was easier to pick the clothing.  Most people decide what to wear based on clothing first and accessories second.  Not me! I can be pretty sure no one will think me a copy-cat or is likely to tell me they have the same necklace.   This is my little way of bringing a bit of opulence into my otherwise simple life.


  1. Hey YOU OK?... Since I am from the South and have no clue of your true living location when I hear of Train Derailment Your safety comes to mind... Sorry I know you don't drive to work like we do in the South, just checking on you.

    1. Oh thank you for the concern! I am in Western NY (Buffalo). We are 9 hours from New York City. We do have a commuter/light transit line -- but it just has one route and I don't need to take it to work any longer. Those commuter train accidents are scary and having lived "downstate" years ago and having taken those trains, my heart gets heavy when I hear of these accidents. I hope those who were injured recovery quickly.

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