Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pinning for the Past

Like many people, I am easily sucked in to Pinterest.  I check out fashion, jewelry, RV interiors, pallet projects, decor, and more -- however, I haven't gone so far to set up my own pins.  I'm content to just look.

Today I decided to mock up my own idealized fashion ensemble and low and behold, I put together an outfit I wore all of the time in my 20's.

Yes, I am stuck in the past.  But I'd go out today and buy it all over again -- albeit in larger sizes (except for the shoes, purse and jewelry that my weight gain doesn't affect.).  In my 20's, a black tuxedo jacket, white skirt, spectator pumps and a red purse was my go-to look.  Of all these items, the only thing that has remained in my possession, is my black Movado "museum" watch -- although I've had to have the internal workings rebuilt once. To be honest, I didn't get that until it was gifted to me in my 30's.

After updating my blogger profile picture, I realized just how things come full circle.  The outfit I outlined above is what I started wearing in college.  The picture I had taken as my "professional" head shot (with my jazzed up background) is also eerily similar to my college yearbook portrait.  Back then, I wore large plastic horn rimmed glasses and for my school picture, I wore a blue dress.  Here I am thirty years later wearing nearly the same thing.

I guess it goes to prove that the more things change, the more they remain the same!


  1. That's a great picture, and the glasses look good on you.

    1. Thanks Jeanie! It was done at work to use for my job.

      I got new vision coverage and new glasses last week, but I'm still wearing this pair. And I've finally decided this is the last year I'm buying vision coverage. It is just not worth it when you can buy glasses on line!