Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jeans Too Short?

 I hate it when I get a pair of jeans home and find they are too short!  I don't always try things on when I'm blowing through a thrift store and this pair fell about 3/4 of an inch too short.  Not horrible, but it drove me crazy!  No fear -- I had a solution.  Yes, I could have cut them into shorts, but I wanted something sort of capri length -- but I didn't want to have to hem anything.  My solution was to cut five inches off and start a fringe.

I used pinking shears so that there would be less fray. Even though most people prefer frays, the denim is a bit darker and heavier and I thought it worked with the more thick/rough character of the fabric.  Well, and also because the only pair of fabric scissors upstairs were my shears and not my regular cloth scissors!

Well, I won't wear them much during the winter, but I feel better that I found a way to to save this five dollar pair of second-hand Rough Hewn jeans.


  1. Great idea! It seems rolled up jeans are in style, so maybe you could just roll up the next pair. The rolled up ones I have seen are supposed to come about the length of high-water pants.

    1. That's a fine idea! I decided to fray these because they were flared so I thought that was the best alternative. But for straight legs, your idea seems best.