Sunday, March 5, 2017

Get in My Belly!

One of those important grocery shopping rules is to make a list and stick to it.  Not for me. I am a total impulse shopper.  I see what's good and also a deal, and I buy it.  Then I figure out what to make.  I am like the Fat Bastard (hey, I watched Austin Power's Gold Member Friday Night) of the super-market world.  This week I saw both shitake and oyster mushrooms for $2.49 and I had to have them.  The only thing I went in knowing for certain was that Lidia's Kitchen had me Jonesin' for some stuffed eggplant -- so that much I planned on.

I already had it in my mind I was going to make a big batch of Udon noodle soup for lunches this week.  I hadn't been expecting the bunch of organic fresh parsely at a bargain price -- or the 'shroom's for that matter.  But once I saw them, I had to have them!

The big bag of shrimp was on sale.  That will get marinated with the rest of the fresh squeezed Myer Lemons (and impulse last week) and limes.  We will skewer that with some mahi-mahi, mushrooms, tofu and cauliflower.   The cauli was my snag last week and the shrimp a great find this week.  I only need a third of the bag for the skewers so the rest will live in the freezer until next week.

Lida's stuffed eggplant calls for ground beef.  Don't let my Scottish looks fool you; I'm of partial Greek descent and have a thing for lamb (then again, the Scottish eat a lot of lamb too, don't they?).  The sesame seeds in the back were used for home-made hummus (also using some of last week's lemon juice).  I'll use red pepper in my stuffing because that was on sale too.

I don't need no stinkin' grocery list.  This week I spent sixty bucks and we'll be set.  We eat healthy, we eat economically and we eat a lot. 


  1. Good for you, you know how to shop.

    1. Well thanks! I wish I had time to shop each day, but I think I do save a little more buying it all at once. It's fun to see what's fresh and on sale!

  2. I do stick to a grocery shopping list.
    I love eggplants in a variety of dishes.