Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Camp is Coming

Now is the time of year I start thinking about camp.   Last year we had to get rid of our fire pit at the end of the season because it had rusted through at the bottom.  Camp would not be camp without a fire and we realized that in our often soggy situation, we need to have our pit elevated.  A pit like this fits the bill because it's elevated and it has ventilation on the side.  We will drill holes in the bottom for drainage and use a steel plate that a neighbor made for our old pit to fit in the bottom too.  The best thing of all, is that this one was on clearance from last season.

Our fire pit is so popular that we have to lock it up with a chain when we are away.  Other people who come by the campground as transients use our pit and often leave a mess.  We've had no choice but to chain the lid on -- so the bar around the perimeter is very helpful.  TBG wants us to put a cover on it, but that is tough with the high winds on our cliff.  We do want to protect our investment, but it's not worth it to buy a cover that will blow away.  Don't think we are total grouches -- if we meet someone nice in the space next to us and they will be up for the week, we leave it unlocked for them and ask them to secure it when they take off.

I've also found clearance outdoor fabric at Joanne that I plan to use to cover our ugly valances.  I'm going to investigate replacing our blinds too.  I want a cheap and easy face-lift and these two patterns go with our existing color scheme.  I will probably paint over or cover the ugly decorative wall paper border in a color pulled from the bolder pattern.  Saving 75% on this fabric let me buy a whole lot so I have room to experiment.  We are making a trip out in a couple of weeks and I'll bring the fabric, do some measurements and get some ideas.

We don't open up until Mid-April but once March is near, I start to get ready.  Next to our happy little home, our happy little trailer is the next best place to be!


  1. That is how I got my firepit--on sale at the end of the season. What is this camp? I think I have asked before and did not see an answer.

    1. We keep a trailer on a lot in an RV Park. It's a nice RV Campground on the South shore of Lake Ontario. We go out every other weekend and spend at least one week of vacation there each year. We love it!