Thursday, February 16, 2017

Manly Stuff - the Valentine's Day Edition


While TBG is not a super-macho man (kinda tough when he grew up with three sisters), he's a "man's man" sort of guy.  True, his best friends are women, again, since he grew up around girls -- but he's a boy through and through.  I think one of the things I like the most about him is that while he is Mr. Masculine, he's still very considerate and has no stupid gender-based pride.  He's also very much a kid -- and this is me extolling his virtues post-Valentine's Day.  The one thing I've always said about my mate, is that he's my barometer of character when judging others.  If you don't like Tommy, then there is something wrong with you and you are not to be trusted.

We did not go out for Valentines Day -- we go out every Friday night anyway.  Kitschy or romantic gifts don't make sense either, since we are both too practical.  I do like to have a reason to give and get gifts, so I'm fine with the concept of Valentine's Day from that perspective.  I try to find something that shows I love him -- not because a merchant thinks it says that, but because I love him and understand what makes him happy.  Of course, the dog gets him something too.

This year, he's getting a set of slippers and a Marvel Comic watch (the Dead Pool character).  The slippers are from Teddy -- although she's not accomplished enough to bring them to him.  The watch is from me.  One of his Christmas stocking presents was a Captain America watch, which he loves.  Not being a male fashion plate, and just being the kind of guy who wears what he likes, he had no qualms of bringing that watch on our cruise and wearing it for both dress-up and dress-down situations.  Turns out, he got compliments on it constantly.  Nope, he didn't need a fancy designer watch.  The boy in him was fine with the comic book style.

That's what I love about the guy -- he likes being comfortable and he's still a boy.  Slippers and a cartoon watch might not seem like a typical gift, but they are in sync with the reasons I love him.  And that works for me!

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