Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dog Chow

We raw-feed our dog.  It's a practice we've been following since we our prior dog was young.  While to folks unfamiliar with the concept of feeding a species-appropriate diet might find it gross, it's simple and it's real.  Dogs are omnivores and  can handle uncooked and unprocessed meat.  The challenge for us, is to find a source that provides a variety of meats at a reasonable price.  One place I've found is an awesome source of unique animal protein, is the neighborhood Asian market where I picked up a package of duck wings and a pig heart this morning.

This pig heart is about a pound and will be one day's wort of meat for Teddy.  All I needed to do was cut it in half with my kitchen shears.  She will gobble this up in maybe twenty seconds and I guarantee she will be hoping there's more!  Organ meat is too rich to feed daily but I want to give it to her once per week.  In super-market-land, I can get beef liver, kidneys, heart, chicken gizzards, pig tails and sometimes pork liver (but that is rare).  We feed turkey necks and chicken thighs, as well as ground beef.  Where I have trouble, is finding novelty -- and that's where the Asian market comes in. 

Duck is very expensive in the grocery store, but sourcing it at the ethnic grocery is affordable -- $2.43 per pound.  The package I snagged today is two and half pounds -- two days of meals.  With life being crazy lately, I've been using a mixture of frozen veggies, canned pineapple and canned beets (no salt added), which I pulverize and feed as a bed-time snack.  She likes it just fine!

My apologies for folks who find raw meat gross -- but that's what canines were intended to eat and they do stay very healthy and lean when it's fed to them.  Since our house is not large enough to hold a second freezer, I'm not like the many who buy in bulk and store.  Having a nearby source for interesting meat and poultry is a big plus.  And it's Teddy-approved too!

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