Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fake on the Outside, Real on the Inside

"Neighbor Dave" was one of the people to took care of Teddy while we were on a cruise.  We opted to keep her home and have both ND and my sister look after her.  She's just more comfortable at home.  ND is a cop so he works long shifts, always on the second.  This meant he wouldn't be around at dinner time, so my sister would stop by and feed that.  She passes our house every night on her way home as it is.  ND came home from his shift and picked her up for a sleep-over at his house.  He fed her a late night snack and breakfast.  She got to sleep with him.  My sister dubbed her "slutty girl" because she was doing shameless overnights!  I found it endearing that she "unmade" our bed and slept on TBGs pillows when she was home.

Once Thursday rolled around, ND's week was over so he took Teddy over full-time.   If he was going out for any length of time, he dropped her back to our house.  He said she behaved well but made a break for it only once -- when she saw the mailman walking down the street.  We have a new mailman so that was scary for all of ten seconds, because the new guy likes dogs.  

We wanted to bring home "local" souvenirs as gifts for watching our dog.  The problem was, everything was either over-priced or tacky.  There were a lot of counterfeit goods too.   Because I would be embarrassed to carry a knock of Louis Vuiton napsack, I took a pass on that.  There is a good chance it would have been caught at customs and confiscated.  I did go semi-counterfeit for Dave's gift by getting him a local-style knapsack with a Bills logo.  I just didn't really see that as a knock-off, although it's not NFL licensed.  ND has a boat and he's also heading to Mexico in another couple of months, so this would work for both those things.

One thing you're constantly harassed to buy, is liquor.  We did not fall into the duty-free trap for that.  First of all, we live in a border city, so we have a DF shop five minutes away.  Secondly, you can't be sure anything you buy outside of DF isn't fake. Thirdly, there are limits on the amount of booze you can carry back -- and it's heavy!

Instead, we opted to go to one of our favorite low-priced liquor outlets and pick him up a gift box of Woodford reserve Kentucky bourbon that has two glasses in the box.  My sister got a kitty-style "Day of the Dead" wall hanging and we picked her up a bottle of Patron coffee liquor. So in other words, we gave them both fake and real.  


  1. So nice that Teddy had such good babysitters while you were gone. Sounds like she's loved and spoiled by many. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And it was thoughtful of you and TBG to bring such great gifts home for them.

    1. She is a good girl and people like having her around. She does confound people with her love of growling. I have to remind them it's all play. At first Dave wasn't sure, but he figured it out!