Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Got Rocks?

It seemed like blue stones were in order for my cruise.  While I would have liked to purchase a few Larimar or Turquoise pieces to wear on the trip, I refrained.  I spent almost three weeks on disability leave and have had to engage an attorney to fight the denial of my worker's comp claim, so frivolous purchases were not in order.  It is a good thing the trip was already paid for!

My alternative was to go to Michaels and buy some blue "rocks" on sale; and they are literally polished rocks/stones.  These are strung on elastic which made the set of three a bargain for under ten bucks.

My crafted pieces fit in just fine with my existing collection of Turquoise, Lapis, and Amethyst.  Furthermore, I saw bracelets like this in shops on the Islands for beaucoup bucks -- so I am happy I made them myself.

Maybe once my case is settled, I'll treat myself.  But my wardrobe didn't suffer at all with my made-myself pieces.  Definitely worth the effort!

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