Sunday, August 12, 2018

Free Food!

Jimmy Jam gave us this pound of ground venison quite some time ago and I'd never gotten around to using it.  Since it's been in the freezer a long time, I decided I wasn't going to make anything for us with it, but it would be just the thing to make a batch of dog food out of.  The large yam has been taking up counter space for a while too.  Even if food is free or it doesn't cost much, I am still loath to let it go to waste.

I put the meat and chopped yam in the pressure cooker with a couple of eggs and their shells.  Once it was cooked up, I added a blend of EVOO/Safflower oil.  Since dogs need calcium too, I turned two 1000mg with zinc pills into powder in the coffee grinder.  I think this batch of food will feed our girl for three days.  She will love it!

A friend passed a long two bags of homemade pirogie to us.  They were potato and cheese filled.   All I needed to do was fry them.  The kielbasa was an awesome "Use Today" bargain for a buck.  On the side, I made a cold salad based on bagged shredded cabbage and carrots, a chopped apple, walnuts and craisins.  It was tossed in an apple cider vinaigrette. For dipping, a mix of sour cream and plain Greek yogurt.  TBG grilled the sausage.

I thought a semi-sweet hard cider would be the perfect beverage.  This was made by the Embark Cider Company.  The apples are from Laggoner Farms in Williamson, NY.  I bought a four pack while at camp a while back.  It was an awesome pairing.

TBG rated this as the best summer meal I've made so far.  It started with a free ingredient that made me think of all sorts of things to put it together with.  If we include the price of the beverage, I would guess this was about a five to six dollar meal.  There is also one and a half lunches left over.

I rarely turn down free food.  Those "Use Today" buys are also a staple of our meals.  It's not necessary for me to know what I want to do with the food before I accept it.  I  know I will always find a good way to use it.  Tonight, it was delicious!


  1. I would have used the meat for myself since food in the freezer will not spoil. But, I am quite sure your dog enjoyed it.

    I never turn down free food, either. One day a week I fix a meal for exbf when he comes up. I think he appreciates how cheaply I can cook.

    1. Once I thawed the meat, I saw it was in fine shape that I could have made us something. However, I didn't have another type of ground meat to mix it with and venison needs to be mixed with something that has more fat. Her food is frozen to be a treat in the near future. I know she will love it!

  2. Free food rocks! I'm enjoying free blackberries right now - also getting more strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from the garden, not free but decreasing in price by the moment as they continue to give me veggies. I am sure Teddy will enjoy those meals, who wouldn't?

    1. I wish I had time to go around and find wild berry bushes to pick. I'm going to buy a lot of cheap berries this week to make jam and another pie. Cheap is almost as good as free!