Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday Objective Met

My Thursday dinner goal is always to finish up whatever is in the fridge and to make dinner without buying any new ingredients.  It was a success again this week.  Of course it was a given that pizza was part of the plan since I made up three batches of dough on Tuesday.  Then I rummaged through the freezer this morning and found a snack-sized zippy back with small chunks of cooked Italian sausage.  There was also very small amount of chicken thigh left, and a third of a log of mozarella.  I've been going through a small can of Hunts tomato sauce (courtesy of the Dollar Tree) all week, and that was finished tonight too.  The  pizza was delicious!

In addition to the pizza, we had half a head of romaine lettuce as well as the shredded cabbage and carrots from pierogi night.  I had also grabbed a small bag of grapes earlier in the week.  The grapes and the rest of a red onion served as salad with a Parmesan-Romano type of dressing.

Now I don't have to worry about heading into the weekend with a refrigerator of food we won't get to eat.  I still plan to augment a container of store-bought guacamole with an avocado that should be ripe tomorrow.  We'll plow through that over the weekend to be sure.

It has been a $65 food week but I'll have to spend a little more tomorrow to get us through the weekend, plus the pup needs meat.  In any event, it has been a frugal food week and we've still managed to eat really well!


  1. Replies
    1. It was nice to have a slice of pizza for a quick bite before we left for camp on Friday too. That saved us from having to do a quick burger-drive-through stop on the way out. I like it when we can use our food wisely and eat healthy!

  2. Good for you, I made a huge stir fry last night and I am not too keen on that for a leftover.

    1. My challenge is not to make so much that I have a ton left-over and then have to eat it to many times again. There are somethings that are fine the first-time, but then you want to be done. I like it when what I finish up Thursday really ends of being the end of the food week.