Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thursday, Friday and Saturday in a Single Post

I made a blueberry pie on Wednesday after work.  Since I was so rushed for time, I bought the crust.  A store bought box of crust in the refrigerated section is around $1.99 near Thanksgiving, but for the rest of the year it is $3.99.  That's OK, because I filled it with fresh blueberries which were $1.29 per pint -- it took two.  Around Thanksgiving, blueberries are around $4.99 a pint.  So I'm fine with what I spent.  Had I purchased a pie made fresh with fresh blueberries, it would have cost twice as much -- if not more.  That's why I'm willing to "cheat" on the crust if I have to.   You will, however, rarely catch me using canned pie filling -- too much sugar (or worse, High Fructose Corn Syrup) and too many additives!

Along with baking the pie, I started a big batch of pizza dough.  We were having TBGs best bicycle pal for dinner Thursday night.  Her mom was coming along too.  It was also another chance to see her new baby girl.  Since I needed time to clean on Thursday after work, as well as being around to donate extra furniture to a friend's daughter (and my honorary niece), Wednesday night was my only time to bake -- or prepare to bake.  I did use one bag of dough for dinner tonight -- which I was planning for at the time and the reason why always make at least a double batch of dough each time.

Our dinner was nice.  We had one large pizza with tomatoes,  mozarella and fresh basil from the garden, with a chicken and spinach salad -- made using meat from the bird I roasted on Monday.  We ate on our patio and had a very nice time.

I was able to sleep in a little on Friday, take the pup for a swim, and then wash the Benz before taking off for Canadaigua.  My friend drove because she wanted to listen to her music in the car -- no blue tooth in any car from 1984.  I took her out to dinner, then we took in the Alan Jackson show.  He was wonderful.  We stayed in another friend's fifth wheel and then all of us went to breakfast this morning.

The concert was great and I had an opportunity to introduce two of my good friends to each other.  They are two ladies who share a passion for educating disadvantaged kids and I've wanted them to meet for ages.  I also ran into a few people I know from camp, so it was nice to see them as well.  It is always awesome when you go someplace a little far from home, or out of your normal orbit, and still manage to meet someone you know.

I find that I am very fortunate to have great friends and value when I can do things for them.  That is why I like to take the time to cook a meal and share friendships.  I like thinking that our life will be even calmer so I will have more time to do this.  I did miss a couple of days of posting, but sometimes a girl's gotta go out and live life!


  1. I'm glad you've had such a lovely time. That pie looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you Joy! Next time I am going to bake the crust a little longer.

  2. It sounds delicious and looks deoicious. I always buy the premade crusts but only use canned pie filling every few years or so. I know the crusts have saturated fat.

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