Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I have become obsessed with labels lately!  This means I look at paper differently.  When I see a wine bottle, I am hoping the label will soak off easily.  The same for beer.  Our house had a bunch of old magazines to get rid of, and before they went into the recycling bin, I cut out graphics.  The end result is that I am making my own version of prayer candles -- after all, I pray for pilsner and worship wine.  I also like weird stuff.

Robert Monday Private Selection is an awesome line of wines.  The label on this candle is from their Cabernet Sauvignon.    It was tasty!  Actually, my suggestion is the Meritage.  That's the one I like best.  The label soaked off without much problem.  In addition to this label, I had a wine magazine/circular that I cut out strips from -- it had a montage of labels.  That was edged with red ribbon.

The beer labels seem to contrast best with yellow but I think I'm going to get a case or two of green candles to see how that works.  The beer labels tend to come off very easily.  There were a few wine labels I had to give up on.  But it's a good thing we are lushes, as I have no shortage of labels.  I'll probably begin hitting up friends for their bottles.

This candle is really strange and when I saw the picture of Danny Divito, I knew it had to go on a white candle.  This one was a little harder to glue on because it was so big -- and I have another one that is even bigger.  I'm not quite sure who this one will appeal to, but I couldn't let that graphic go.

There is a sale event at camp that I think I might sell these at.  I will probably also use them as small gifts.  As time goes on, I might try for more details and combination of labels, but for now, sticking with the booze them works for me!


  1. I wish I could give you my magazines that have really good graphics. Those candles are a good idea.

    1. I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines but stopped because of the clutter. I also found I spent more time and money after reading them. I do thank you for the intention!