Friday, February 16, 2018

Un-Freaky Friday

For the most part now, Fridays will be my house-work day.  Last week, we were out of town, and the week before that, I broke the washing machine.  Having reduced work-hours meant I could catch up on clothes washing during the week.  Today I tacked beds.  I had two sets of sheets and pillow cases to wash.  In addition to that I picked a "project" task of washing the king-sized bedspread and a couple of pillows.

I plan to pick a "project" sort of task every Friday in an attempt to get to the type of things that were almost impossible to fit in when I was working full time.  It might not seem like much, but the pillows and the bedspread were their own dryer loads, which added some time on to the regular job of laundering sheets.  I could fit the linen and bedspread into one washer load due the the new machine that is huge.  But that couldn't all go into the dryer.

Of course washing the linens means making the beds too.  So that was a sizable chunk of time -- but whoo hoo, not something that had to take up time on the weekend.  We also had a dinner guest last night so TBG vacuumed downstairs -- so I only had to dust today.  All of the dishes were taken care of too.  Just having two and a half extra hours in my afternoon made a huge difference.

I also had another "project" of a non-domestic nature.  There were two financial tasks to start -- getting ready to have our taxes done & dealing with my investments. I had a special tax exemption at my last job, and we want that filed correctly.  Then there was the issue of rolling over my 401(k) to my private investment account.  My advisor retired so I reached out to his replacement and we had a nice chat.  The next step was to arrange the paperwork from the brokerage.  Because I don't work full time, I will be able to meet with both gentlemen during the day and not tie up two evenings during the week. 

I always had a hard time handling the financial calls at my last job because our work-space was so open.  There was really no place to have a private cell call either.  That made it hard to discuss how much money I was dealing with -- and I did not feel comfortable disclosing that amount around my co-workers.  It was actually uncomfortable because I could afford to save so much more than other people.

Having more time to attend to what needs to be done is a big relief.  It is enjoyable to be able to get to the things that keep our life in order.  And of course I'll sleep  better at night because everything is in good standing and clean!


  1. I get the washer being big enough but not the dryer. I "upgraded" to a top load no agitator model a year ago and keep waiting for the dryer to die so I can upgrade that to a bigger one to match. It will probably outlive me!

    1. The dryer is only about four years old. The previous one did break when I was unemployed and I fixed it. It lasted another year. We did get a large capacity but it's nothing compared to the large washing machine. I'd like to replace it but don't want to spend the money, so I will be grudgingly hope it lives a long life!